4 ways to top up your happiness today (20 March 2017)

This International Day of Happiness, teens can super-charge their joy levels with these top tips from the National Citizen Service (NCS) North East team.

Happy tip 1: Be yourself

Just be yourself. There’s no-one better. Trust us on this.
Research has shown that one in five people say they social media makes them feel depressed. It’s not surprising. Your newsfeed is filled with perfectly posed, carefully crafted posts by people all competing to make their lives look amazing.

Pretending to be someone you’re not may feel essential when you’re trying to keep up with this. But it’s also guaranteed to decrease your happiness quota. Continually acting out a part is stressful!

Get comfortable in your own skin, and watch your wellbeing shoot skywards.

Happy tip 2: Challenge yourself alt Ever experienced that giddy high you only get when you take on a new experience? The rush when you achieve something you never imagined you could?

No? Then Get. On. It.

When you push yourself out of that comfort zone, amazing things happen, confirmed Savannah from Middlesbrough after completing NCS.

“I was adamant that I didn’t have the confidence to take on new challenges and meet new people,” she said. “NCS helped me conquer my fears and I feel like a different person now.”

Happy tip 3: Be kind to yourself

Whether you’re at school, college, or the world of work, you’re busy. We get it. Things are hectic: you’re juggling assignments or targets as well as finding time to keep up with your mates. But don’t put your much-needed ‘You Time’ on hold.

Taking time out doesn’t mean you have to sit in a darkened corner silently meditating: it’s about what floats your boat.

So have that soak in the tub, that run along the beach, that Netflix and pizza night – and don’t feel guilty! Think of it as recharging your battery regularly, so you can continue to operate at 100% optimum awesomeness.

Happy tip 4: Think bigger than yourself alt Get involved in something bigger. Make your mark. Volunteer.

It can be really fun and interesting. Young people get involved in all sorts of cool social action through NCS – from helping take care of animals, to putting on a pop up restaurant for homeless people, or raising awareness of youth mental health.

Doing good feels good! As well as Grade-A experience for CVs and UCAS applications, expect to expand your circle, learn new skills, and feel that glorious vibe from a good job well done.

“Before NCS I always thought that volunteering was more of an older person’s thing to do,” said Shay, from North Tyneside.

“Having the opportunity on the programme to create a social action project… really opened my eyes to just how easy it is to make a difference and how fun it can be!”

Even if you’ve just a couple of hours to spare, there’s something for you. Check out the V•Inspired Exchange to find an opportunity you can’t resist.

For the Big Kahuna of happiness, look no further than the life-changing NCS Summer experience. Change your limits, change your tribe, change your skills: BOOK ONLINE NOW or call 0191 247 4020