About Us

National Citizen Service (NCS) is delivered in the North East by a charitable partnership made up of the national charity for youth social action, V•Inspired, and the National Youth Agency (NYA) – working with scores of local organisations right across the region.

V•Inspired and NYA have been delivering NCS since it began in 2011. Our mission is to provide life-changing NCS journeys which empower young people with skills for life and the passion to work together to deliver positive social action in their communities.

We’re committed to supporting the broader youth sector and ensuring high quality local provision that has a positive and broad impact in the North East. Here are the North East impacts

So teenagers benefit from the valuable grassroots experience in our region, we are proud to deliver NCS through a diverse network of 13 amazing local partners


To find out more out more about vInspired and NYA and the additional opportunities we offer visit: