Boost your UCAS statement with NCS

The UCAS deadline is imminent. Get your personal statement into order with NCS!

Planning on applying to university ready for September? A word of Warning; time is running out to submit your application on the UCAS website!

Rest assure however, because as long as your submission reaches UCAS by the deadline of 6pm on Sunday 15th January 2017, your application is guaranteed to be considered by your university choices.
So, time to get your personal statement into gear and impress the, up to five, universities that you have your heart set on. We’ve got some top tips, plus find out how you can use your NCS experience to your advantage.

But where to start? Firstly, have a think about the kind of skills and experiences that unis are looking for and link these to the specific course(s) you’ve applied for. If you’re keen about the subject, the content should flow naturally.

Louise Evans, UCAS’ Head of Adviser Experience tells us:

“Make sure your personal statement expresses your desire, excitement and commitment to your chosen courses.” - Wise words Louise!

Make sure your extra-curricular activities are included and say how you’ll use the skills you’ve received from them effectively.

This is the moment you can use the amazing skills that you gained by completing NCS. UCAS recommend that you include NCS on your personal statement, so blow them away with the inspirational social action project you completed!

NCS grad and current second year university student Rob Austin used this to his advantage; Rob, from Newcastle said:

“My NCS experience made my personal statement easy to write because I had generated so many amazing new skills.

“I was able to provide nifty examples of how I’d developed and primed my communication, leadership and teamwork skills.”

By completing NCS in the North East you’ll also have your v•inspired Awards at hand and, low and behold, UCAS recommend these are included in your personal statement too. You’re in a pretty good place to fill the (up to) 4,000 characters you’re asked to provide if you’re an NCS grad!

Once you’re done, make sure to proofread. Perhaps get a family member or even a teacher to look over your draft and don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board on sections of your writing.

UCAS have extended their opening hours ahead of Sunday’s deadline and you can reach their team of trained advisers on 0371 468 0468.

Not completed NCS yet, but want to in order to make your UCAS persopersonal statement stand out? Sign up today!