NCS NE Fantasy Football

The new Premier League season is on the horizon, so it's time to seriously think about your fantasy football team... and we have the biggest #FPL league to join, the NCS North East league is here for the first time for all you football mad NCSers!

Join our league with code: 54017-15845

For those already initiated into the world of Fantasy Football, you expect it to come round every year with the coming of the summer season. But what if you don't know about it...?

What is Fantasy Football?


Well, it's more than this Google suggestion thinks it is! It's a really easy-to-use website or app where you can build a team and become a ninja Premier League manager, growing your team like some imaginary army ready to do battle (only you've designed their kit and given them the ultimate team score points for humour - keep it clean!). Whether you're a football geek or just vaguely interested, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

We're seeing how big we can make our league so watch this space for:

  • updates (Search #NCSFPL on social)
  • NCS scout TV
  • FPL bants
  • social media football challenges

You're changing your summer...but will you CHANGE YOUR GAME?


How to play:

Just follow these instruction to join the NCS North East FC league:

  1. Go HERE to create your account and begin picking your team (you can click ‘auto select’ if you just want to be quick, then maybe go back later to customise it).

  2. Once you’ve made your team you want join the NCS North East league. You do so by going HERE and enter the code below (including the dash) 54017-15845

  3. Once setup just sit back, keep an eye out for the fun challenges coming soon to our social channels and prepare to see how your team does when the league kicks off on 11th August!