Top Tips for Tackling Exam Stress

With exams looming, like many other young people, you may be feeling under pressure or anxious about how to cope. Here’s our top tips to help you beat exam stress.

1. Prep like a pro

Obvious, but true: don’t leave revision until the last minute. Prep like a pro with a revision schedule that keeps you on track.

Breaking your revision into manageable chunks helps you focus, and means you can better motivate yourself by recognising each time you tick another topic off your revision list!

Also think about where and how you revise best. On your own, or with a friend? Short intense snaps or longer sessions? In the quiet of a library, or in your bedroom with your tunes playing?

Ask your teacher for help preparing a timetable if you need to – and don’t forget to leave space for much needed downtime, too.

Some of our fave celebs share their top tips here:

2. Make time for downtime

There really is life beyond revision, revision, revision. So don’t feel guilty about taking an evening off to spend time with your mates, or catching up on binge-worthy TV – making time for things you enjoy will make sure you don’t burn out, and keep your motivation levels high.

Healthy body, healthy mind, right? Exercise, eating well, and getting enough Zzzzs are particularly important now. Find out why in this stress-busting ideas from our friends at vinspired:

3. See the big picture

Exams are important, but they’re not the only route to success. Even if you don’t get the grades you’re hoping for, you have options such as re-sitting your exam.

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4. Talk it over alt

Feeling stressed, or like you can’t cope? Don’t bottle it up. Find someone to talk to: a friend, a relative, a teacher. There are also services such as The Mix, Young Minds and Childline which can help you online or over the phone.

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